Jaye Foo (jayefunk) is a music artist, social influencer and entrepreneur in love with music, fashion and the creative world. He believes that music is a universal language which has the power to change lives for the better.

Jaye began his life-long love affair with music when he learned to play the drums at 10 years old. By 15, he was playing to crowds of hundreds on the turntables. He was known as the teenage sensation “DJ-2DC”. Next, he started rap in the hip-hop duo New Fro Matter and released a full-length album which earned a #1 spot on Soundclick. He was then sponsored by Noise Singapore to record with Leonard Soosay, a famous local music producer. At the same time studying both visual arts & performing arts to explore his talents. Jaye’s time as a hospital medic helped him realise just how important life really is. His experience inspired him to make the most out of life, so he decided to travel the world. He ended up in Japan on a vocal scholarship at a music conservatory which had international ties with Berklee College of Music. While there, Jaye fronted the band What The Funk that became popular and gained radio, TV, and print exposure, performing to thousands in the West.

He returned to Singapore to launch The Music Parlour, a speakeasy-themed music studio venue in downtown Singapore for music creators and lovers alike, winning the 2015 national business award by Singapore Business Review Magazine. Back home he was also part of The Glad Stones, who released 2 full length albums, toured abroad and played at festivals throughout Singapore. The Glad Stones have also been selected as Starbucks artistes and toured cafes. Their music video "Kopitiam Kaki" in 2015 gained over 54k views and they have been featured on national newspaper.

Now based in London, Jaye is active in various creative pursuits with his main focus being to debut a solo album. His diehard passion and vision to add value to people's lives is what keeps him going on everyday.